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SJFA U14 vs SJFA 15/16 (2 reports)

SJFA U14 4 - 5 SJFA 15/16
01 Apr 2017 - 16:45The Hive - Camrose Ave, London HA8 6AG

U14 Match Report:


Muhammad-Zayn Kalyan
Mahdi Ladha
Abbas Datoo
Abbasali Gulamhussein
Sajjadali Janmohamed
Ammarali Jetha
Muhammad Virjee
Muntazir Ramji

It was a warm and sunny day as both teams lined up. The Tier 5 boys were the underdogs, but this did not let them lose hope as they were ready to fight no matter what came at them.

The whistle blew and Tier 6 kicked off. They were dominating possession from very early on, and only giving Tier 5 glimpses of the ball. After a while, the game settled and Tier 5 had grown into the game, though most of the play was still in Tier 5’s half. Abbas Datoo made an extremely good clearance when Zain was through one-on-one. Unfortunately, the ball was thrown straight to Zain Bandali from a throw-in, who made no mistake from five yards, clinically finishing bottom left; well out of the keeper’s reach. This was a bit of a downer for Tier 5, but they kept going. A nice one-two between MJ and Ladha cut through the defence, but Ladha’s shot was saved by the keeper. From the resulting corner, Tier 5 were given a penalty, as MJG, their defender, pushed Muntazir to the floor. MJV took responsibility and put it away well in the top corner. The game was even, and now that Tier 5 had all the momentum and were keeping the ball well, they looked very likely to score. MZ booted the ball out to Abbasali, who controlled the ball, turned his man cleverly and played it through two midfielders to Ammar. Ammar then controlled it and passed it through to Ladha who shook off two defenders and slotted it in.

The game was now 2-1 and Tier 5 were pressing for another one. However, a shot from 15 yards out by Yaseen was spilled by MZ and it trickled into the net (the sun in the keeper’s eyes played a large factor in that goal). At 2-2, everything was even and both teams were playing good football and passing it well. Tier 6’s third goal came from an absolute thunderbolt from Yaseen from outside the box into the top corner. Even the managers stood wide-eyed from the side lines, stunned.

The whistle blew for half time, and after a short break and a quick team talk, the players were ready to continue. Tier 6 came out of the blocks extremely quickly, while Tier 5 were not yet ready for them. Sajjadali made an excellent tackle just outside the box, but it was given as a foul. Zain Bandali lined it up and finessed into the top right. It was an exquisite strike and no keeper could have saved it. The score was now 4-2 and Tier 6 kept on piling the pressure, playing the ball around nicely without giving it away. A cross from the left was cleared well by Mohammed Abbas, but it only reached the edge of the box and Sameer thumped it into the bottom right. Once again it was a brilliantly worked goal with an excellent finish. Even at 5-2, Tier 5 were not giving up. Tier 6 were playing an extremely attacking game, which left gaps at the back. Tier 5 used this to their advantage, and a long kick from MZ beat most players to reach Ladha. Ladha used his strength and speed to turn and burst through the defence, running into the box, looking the keeper in the eye and finishing it off. This goal gave Tier 5 all the momentum they needed to keep on attacking. They got a corner after a good attack and MJV cleverly fizzed it into the box, where it took a deflection off Musa and went in.

The game ended very closely, with 5-4 to Tier 6.

Written by Abbasali Gulamhussein
Tier 5

U15/16 Match Report:


Yaseen Valjy (C)
Muneeb Kazmi (GK)
Asgarali Jaffer
Zainali Bandali
Qasim Suleman
Sameer  Kanji
Mohamed Mehdi Karim
Kumayl  Jetha
Mohamed Jawed Gulamhusein
Salmaan Davdani

Saturday 1st April 2017 saw two teams meet in a clash at The Hive, that excited players and coaches alike, Tier 5’s A team were up against Tier 6’s weaker team due to injuries and unavailability. The format was of two 35-minute halves. Tier 6 was disadvantaged as the master tactician, coach Abbas Merali, had put 9 of his men up against Tier 6’s 8 players.

Despite this, the whistle was blown for kick off and Tier 6 was already on the front foot with their dominant attack, which resulted in an early goal by Yaseen Valjy as he slotted the ball past the keeper. Tier 5 were not swayed by this goal, and Mahdi Ladha led a counter attack soon after through a series of long balls from their keeper, resulting in a corner which led to a penalty. As Mahdi stepped up to the spot, he planted the ball into the back of the net with confidence and equalised the score. Soon after the penalty decision, Salmaan Davdani aided his team by bringing them up by a one goal. The score sat at 2-1 until Zainali brought another goal to the match, a shot executed with pure finesse.

After a retaliation from the Tier 5 team and an unfortunate own goal by a Tier 6 player, the second half presented itself with a free kick just outside the penalty box for the Tier 6 team. Zainali stood up to take the shot; he ran to the ball at speed and drilled it into the top right corner. The keeper was bamboozled, it was the strike of the century and it allowed him to bring the score to 4-3. Soon after, there was an attack led by Yaseen and that assisted in a fantastic goal by Sameer Kanji, a shot off the volley, pelted into the goal with confidence. The last five minutes had the score line reading 5-3 to Tier 6. The Tier 5 coach encouraged his team to go on the attack. There was some good passing from them, communication was on a high, and in the final minutes, the Tier 5 team scored. Now with only one goal difference, the Tier 6 players tracked back and kept the ball, showing their experience. Tier 5 were desperate for an equalizer, but to no avail.

The final score was 5-4 – a defeat for the Tier 5 A team, but needless to say, they gave it their all in an exhilarating match, which was entertaining for one and all.

Asgharali Jaffer
Tier 6 player