Stanmore Jafferys Football Academy

SJFA vs Indian Gymkhana

SJFA - Indian Gymkhana
10 Mar 2018 - 12:30Northwood School, Pinner Rd, Northwood HA6 1QN

SJFA Tier 2 (U7) v/s IGK (U7)
Date: 10th March 2018

SJFA Tier 2 Line Up:

Team 1:
Aiden Hussein
Mehdi Abbas Juma
Aadam Merali
Abbas Rajvani
Alijawad Taqi
Habeeb Tharoo

Team 2:
Husain Bhaloo
Zain Dharas
Zayn Khatau
Jaabir Merali
Hassan Valjy
Abbas Rajvani

As per the format prescribed by coaches (Jamil Meralli, Murtaza Hameer and Sajjad Taki) that every player gets a chance to play the match the format of this friendly encounter was structured as four 15 minutes matches/playing time (6 aside)
Match 1- Team 1 V IGK
SJFA team 1  started brightly where all the players were behind the ball and pressuring the  good IGK attacking players, who could not create any chances for the first 10 minutes of the game. Both team were playing evenly and in good spirit. Most of the first half of the match was being played around SJFA half where very few chances was created, finally towards the end of the first half, IGK scored and the score at half time was 0-1.

Second half started in a positive manner but IGK quickly scored the second goal in a counter attack. The game was evenly balanced. SJFA’s only chance came inside the “box” through Aadam Merali who scored a stunner after confusion in IGK’s defence area. The game was still balanced and anybody could score but with the last kick of the game, IGK stole the show by pushing in the last goal. The final score of the match was 1-3 to IGK

Match 2- Team 2 V IGK
SJFA team 2 continued from where the first team left and with the attitude of attacking from both side of the pitch, sometimes leaving the defence uncovered. The coaches from outside were shouting for the defenders to get back. Both Zain Dharas and Zayn Khatau were pressing hard but there was nobody to finish it off. The game was balanced with end to end play but none of players could finish it off. The first half ended 0-0.

The start of second half started evenly as well, IGK were pressing for the goal but brilliant goalkeeping from SJFA saved the day. With time, all the players were now showing the sign of tiredness but none stopped until the game ended at 0-0  

Report by Kazim Bhaloo (parent)


SJFA U9 vs Indian Gymkhana

Deen Pirbhai
Mehdi Waljee
Husayn Merali
Haani Merali
Amirali Jaffer
Mikaeel Dadlani
Asad Ali Bandali
Uzayr Mawjee

The kids started well and played well as a unit.  The defense was tight and the midfield I thought held the ball well.  The passing was a bit wayward, but every time we lost the ball we managed to get it back.

We tried to play the ball from the back and passed our way to the top, but each time it got intercepted at the last bit.  Eventually IGK broke away and our defense was split, and they had a three on one in their favour, and they were never going to miss.

After that, we continued our good work.  We pressed well, and we passed out the ball well.  We managed to get a few shots on target, but they weren’t enough to make the goalie work.

Unfortunately a few minutes into the second half, IGK broke away again and scored their second and final goal.

All the boys played well, and there wasn’t much between any of them, but I have to talk about a few outstanding performances:

Amirali Jaffer- Superb in goal, made a lot of saves to keep us in the game, and his passing out was very good.

Uzair Mawjee – Solid performance, as he was left to defend on his own against three of their attackers on a number of occasions, and managed to keep them at bay.

Mehdi Waljee – Played really well in defense and in midfield, was all over the place getting stuck in.

Man of the match for under 9’s has to go to Uzair Mawjee

Written by Tahir Alloo (coach)


SJFA U10’s

Amirali Jaffer (GK)
Ali Ismail
Adam Valjy
Suhail Merali
Munsif Kassamali
Husayn Gulamhussein
Sajjad Suleiman
Deen Pirbhai

The under 10’s had two matches to play today.  First match was against IGK, we have played this team before.  They’re very well organized and drilled.

SJFA U10 vs Indian Gymkhana

The game started quite evenly, and we had two kids from our under 9 group to join in to make the numbers.  The boys passed the ball well and were in contention for a lot of the game.  The game was going well, when suddenly IGK got the ball and with a few accurate passes their left sided forward smashed the ball in.

The boys were taken back a bit; they tried to reorganize, but it wasn’t meant to be, as a low cross by IGK into our box  took a few deflections and once again the ball was in the back of our net. 

The boys tried to rally on, and they did much better in the latter part of the game.   The passing was crisp and precise, but we just missed that finishing touch. 

Not to worry, we will learn from this and play better next time.


The second match was against AVA, we had played them two weeks ago and we had lost 14-2, so they brought their under 9 team to face us this time.  This time the team played really well. We took the lead with a long distance shot and added a second very quickly.  BUT our arrogance got the better of us, and the boys thought it would be a walkover.  Complacency kicked in, and before we knew it, it was 2-2. 

With a talking to by the manager, and their captain.  The boys got focused once again, and went on a rampage.  The passing was good, the crosses were accurate and we scored a bag full of goals.  We were defending well and attacking as a team.

So over two games, I hope the boys learnt a lot; that if we don’t panic and just play the way we know and can.  We can go on and beat the likes of  IGK and the Under 10 AVA in the next few months.

Some performances to talk about:

Amirali Jaffer – our under 9 goalkeeper was superb in goal, in both matches and saved us a lot..

Deen  – Another under 9 player, was solid at the back in the first match and down the wing in the second, scored a rare header in the secnd game

Ali Mehdi – played well and linked up well with Adam and scored a bag full of goals

Adam Valjy – Our captain for the day.  Played well, kept the team together and shouted out instructions as a captain.  Even managed to score a couple of goals in the second match.

Munsif – Really shone through in the second game, good pieces of skill and link up play.

Suhail – Once again as that’s two games on the trot.  Very skillful and saw the pass almost every time

Sajjad – Started off in attack, but I think found his new position which he liked and got really stuck in in defense.

Husayn Gulamhusein – Our little Rottweiler, not scared to throw a tackle or two above his weight.  Very rugged player and full of determination.  Was always breaking up play and nearly managed to score too.

1st Match Man of the Match goes to Amirali Jaffer

2nd match Man of the Match goes to Ali Mehdi


SJFA U12 vs Indian Gymkhana
U12 Team:

Hassan Merali Dewji (Captain)
Mohammed Mahdi Janmohomed
Ali Khatau
Ammar Bandali
Abbas Alloo
Hassan Merali
Salman Mukhtar
Shahid Ali Mohammed
Muhammad Aqeel Mavani
Muhammad Abbas Jaffer Kasamali

Off we went, kick off at half twelve and in under 30 seconds IGK scored. It was a good goal. Hassan Merali Dewji then scored making us level. What a relief. About five to seven minutes later we scored another goal by Mohammed Jahnmohammed aka Tommi assist by Hassan Merali Dewji putting us in the lead. Then it was three one and a goal by Ali Khatau putting it through the goalkeepers legs, another assist from Hassan Merali Dewji. After that the half time whistle blew. We felt good as we were winning 3-1. It was a good half.

We came back on after the break and the Stanmore Jafferys team was ready for another half of football. The IGK goalkeeper made some amazing saves. Then it was four one with another goal by Mohammed Janmohammed. It was a really good game for Stanmore Jafferys. Then the IGK goalie made another outstanding save. Near the end of the game Ali Khatau slots in another goal with an assist by the goalie. The full time whistle blows and with an end result of 5-1. It was a good game for Stanmore Jafferys and hope we can play like this again in our future matches.

By Ali Khatau (u12 SJFA player)


SJFA U15 vs Indian Gymkhana

Owais Mawji (GK)
Sajjadali Tommy (C)
Abbas Datoo
Mohammed Abbas Lilani
Aammar Jetha
Muntazir Ramji
Haider Virjee
Abbasali Gulamhussien
Mahdi Ladha
Abid Karawali

The first match against IGK was a convincing 3-1 victory. A solid performance and the team really deserved the scoreline to be a little more convincing. 2 great instinctive strikes by Mahdi Ladha and a wonderful curling effort from Abbasali Gulamhussein ensured that the afternoon got off to the perfect start.

Our second match against JPYC was a less enthralling display. Conceding a few sloppy early goals meant that the team were always chasing the game, and it was disappointing to see many heads drop and the good football that the team can play was not on show. The final score was 8-2, and there were many lessons to be learnt from the display. The team know that they are capable of much better, and effort throughout the game is a must. We move on with the aim of being stronger as a unit.

By Shabbar Kassam (Coach)